The Best Online Marketing Strategies Of 2018

Online Marketing is definitely crucial to any modern business out there. In this more tech-centric world, online marketing has become one of the most used marketing strategies for companies everywhere. But the digital world is continually changing and evolving. Right now, your focus should be on the online marketing trends that work. In this article, we’ll show you the best online marketing strategies of 2018.


Content Marketing


Here’s the thing, content marketing will never go out of trend. In fact, it should be the backbone of any online marketing campaign. According to SmartInsights, marketers worldwide place content marketing as the most crucial strategy for 2018. Here’s the thing: everything you see and read on the internet is content – articles, videos, infographics, etc. Creating them is one thing, but creating ones that can grab and influence your audience is another. You can’t do marketing without content, but having high-quality, useful and relevant ones can make or break your digital marketing campaign. Here are some effective content marketing strategies you can do:


  • Blogging
  • Linkbait Articles
  • Guest Blogging
  • Webinars
  • Podcasting
  • Video Content (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization or SEO continues to be a primary marketing strategy choice for businesses online. SEO is one of the most effective ways to gain traffic to your website. Google defines SEO as, “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.” SEO’s effects can be massive and continual, but it can turn complicated and intimidating. However, SEO’s basics are still easy enough to understand. And if not, you can always hire SEO experts like hybrid traffic to do this job for you. Some SEO strategies include:


  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Technical SEO

Funnel Marketing


Funnel Marketing is not as simple and straightforward as it used to be. These days, you can no longer build a single marketing funnel that gives your target audience a predefined step-by-step process. They have probably seen many marketing funnels similar to you. And in order for funnel marketing to work, you need to stand out. How do you do this? Create a Marketing Funnel that is a real experience and build real trust with your customers. This goes hand in hand with content marketing. Feeding your audience with relevant and useful content goes a long way to bring up brand engagement and awareness.


Social Media


Of course, we won’t leave Social Media out of this list. It’s actually one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal and should be used accordingly. Once you have great content, you can use social media to gain visibility, build links, attract traffic to your site – all in the hopes of lead conversions and direct sales. But don’t just post your content on social media platforms and expect a miracle of traffic. Social media is just that – it’s social. You need to engage and capture your audience’s attention. And once you have their attention, you need to make them share your content. Here’s a couple of social media strategies you can do:


  • Youtube Advertising
  • Youtube SEO
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Influencers
  • LinkedIn Advertising (For Services)


The Takeaway

The world of digital marketing is fast-paced. What may work today may no longer work tomorrow. This is why it’s essential to keep up with the current marketing trends available to you. It’s also crucial that you keep track of all your digital marketing campaigns, nurture them, and make sure that they are working to their full capacity. Remember, to be in the game means doing everything you can to stay on top of it.

8 Best Practices to Follow Before Hiring a Press Release Service

When planning your content marketing campaign, you have to decide if you’re going to write or ask a professional to do it for you. If you decide to write it on your own, you have to ensure that you know how to make it compelling and newsworthy.

Press releases are important part of your press relations tactics. Keep in mind that a well-written release is the only one that gets media attention. Before sending it to a press release service, ensure that you follow these best practices:

press release distribution

  1. Get straight to the point.

When sending to a press site, ensure that your release is straight to the point. There’s no need to add buzzwords or unnecessary words that only make your content longer.

Focus on answering, “Why should I care?” Present a content that is clear and direct.

Make sure to answer the why, when, what, where, who and why questions in the first paragraph. It should summarize the facts of your content, even they don’t read the rest of the paragraphs.

Journalists don’t have time to read all the releases, by giving all the facts in the first paragraph, they don’t have to spend looking for the important details in your release. This format is also easier for the readers to understand your announcement.

  1. Create a good headline.

Journalists are very particular with the headline. In fact, when marketers or PR professionals pitch directly, they only look at the headline to see if it is worth of their attention or not.

A good headline is short, concise, no jargons, no grammatical mistakes, no buzzwords and is written in active voice. Make sure that it tells what the reader can expect from your announcement.

  1. Make it short.

A release should be short. It should fall between 300 and 500 words and fits one page only.

You don’t have to provide all details to compel the readers to visit your site and learn more about you. You can also use a bullet list to make it easy to digest.

  1. Add visuals.

Today, readers are more interactive. They are attracted to content that has visuals like images, video, infographics and stats.

When you add visuals in your content, readers are more interested to read your story. Moreover, it makes it easier to understand.

Don’t make your press release boring. Add visuals that can add value into it.

  1. Have a clear-to-action (CTA).

A CTA directs a reader what they must take after reading your release. Tie it to your goal. If you are announcing your new product, make the CTA as a way to sign up to learn more about your new product or to avail of the 50 percent discount on the initial month.

Your CTA should prompt the reader that it is something urgent. Use action words. Don’t write several CTA in a release. One is enough so not to confuse the reader.

  1. Include quotes.

Quotes from your executive team or the CEO of the company should add value and credibility to your news. It also creates a human touch so people can relate to it.

You can quote a person who has a good standing with your company, or anyone who is directly affected by the release of your story. Journalists usually look for quotes, so ensure that your quote matters.

  1. Add a media contact.

Don’t forget to add the details of the person that journalists may contact in case they want to clear something, schedule an interview, or follow up about your story. The media contact should provide their email address, contact number and office address. Ensure that they can be reached through the given information.

  1. Details about your company.

The readers want to know about the company who is announcing a new product or the milestone they have achieved. Make sure that you write something about your company, what it you do and what you offer at the end of the release.

A press release distribution service may or may not include writing of press releases. If you’re interested in getting the service, ask them. Don’t forget how much they charge it.


Agora Trading is a formerly relatively unknown broker from the UK. In Germany, the company is represented by a branch in Berlin. It offers trading in stocks and warrants on the stock exchange as well as off-exchange with CFDs and foreign exchange. Trading fees are low, but some established brokers are even cheaper in the broker comparison .

Table of Contents[Hide]

  •  Agora Trading at a glance
  •  The first impression
  •  The offer
  •  The prices in comparison
  •  The trading platform
  •  Information and service
  •  Conclusion


  • British broker
  • Branch in Berlin
  • Stocks, CFDs and Forex
  • Low costs



usabilityAt first glance, Agora Trading’s website looks a bit dated. The design is simple and some information is missing. For example, the broker promises not to cash customers over high spreads, as some other providers would. But if you click on “Some examples IQ Option can be found here”, you only get the message “This area is still under construction”.

That the broker uses green power from Greenpeace Energy is nice, but for most traders it may not be the main brokerage choice. Somewhat misleading is also the note, as a British broker is not obliged to pay the final withholding tax. That’s true, but earnings have to be taxed at the end of the year, but there is no automatic tax collection by the bank

The first impression seems a bit provisional and unfinished.


trading platformAgora Trading or Agora Direct, as the name implies, describes itself as a “gateway to world markets.” In fact, the offer is comparatively large, with both over-the-counter CFDs and currencies traded on the stock exchanges and shares Agora Trading is a British company and is monitored by the local FCA, but due to its German office, the broker is also registered with BaFin.

The Agora Trading website looks a bit dated at first glance.

The Agora Trading website looks a bit dated at first glance.

The broker has access not only to the markets in North America and Europe, but also to many Asian stock exchanges, such etoro as those in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.

Agora Trading offers

  • shares
  • options
  • Futures
  • Currencies
  • raw materials



money farmerAgora Trading advertises with very reasonable prices. However, the order fees for shares are by no means unbeatably low, and established brokers such as DAB Bank, DEGIRO ,  flatex and the Shareholder Bank offer fees that are even lower than those of Agora Trading.

Greater transparency is provided by the fact that Agora charges a fee for CFD trading rather than an increased spread. For the abandonment of order fees at many CFD and Forex brokers is at first glance an attractive offer, but especially market makers earn a high difference between buying and selling prices. This can be even more expensive for the customer than a provider with fees and a lower spread, but above plus500 all, it is much more intransparent.

However, especially with low sales of less than € 2,400 per trade, the basic fee is a cost driver. In addition, STP brokers often also offer low spreads plus a fee. Because in straight-through processing, the broker does not take part in trading himself, but only forwards the orders, the spread is usually determined by the supply and demand of trading partners. IG, the best STP broker on , requires a higher fee for low trading, but is even cheaper than Agora Trading for medium and high amounts.

Although Agora Trading is a cheap provider, but by no means the cheapest.


The broker offers its own software with the Agora Trading System (ATS). First, it is noticeable that the trading platform is offered not only for Windows and MacOS, but also for Linux. This is rare, because even the widely used MetaTrader is not provided by default for Linux, but traders have to install an additional program for it.

Agora Webtrader Screenshot

A design price does not get the Agora WebTrader.

Overall, the platform does not inspire. Even the Webtrader is not the best trading software ever developed. In addition, Agora still offers apps for smartphones, also here is the positive number of supported operating systems, except for Android and iOS, there is the application namely for Blackberry OS. The MetaTrader is not offered by Agora.

Agora relies on a self-developed trading platform, except for Windows and MacOS, it is also offered for Linux.


NewsA news ticker informs the traders about current, stock exchange-relevant events. But much more background information does not exist, with other providers Agora Trading can not keep up here.

Also a demo account is missing, as well as the possibility to contact in the live chat. After all, a German-speaking team can be reached by mail or phone with questions. There is also a category with questions and answers that is very confusing.

The supply of information and analysis is rather low.


Agora Trading is certainly not the worst broker in the market. However, other companies offer better conditions for both equity and CFD and forex trading. Also, the equipment with analysis, trading software and customer service are better with some providers, which are nevertheless not necessarily more expensive. For this, the broker is one of the few companies that also offer a trading software for Linux.

Bitcoin Code is the real shit

In this review we will prove that the program Bitcoin Code is a hoax that will not make you a cent richer.

The presentation of Bitcoin Code is very short. It is supposed to be a cryptocurrency trading robot that works completely automatically. So he generated so commercial signals and opens and closes shops.

The results presented on the website of this program seem to indicate that it is a very profitable thing. But, is this really the truth?

Bitcoin Code is a sham

In fact, Bitcoin Code is a common scam that wants to mislead you and bring you your money.

Fake reviews

ReviewsLet’s start with the reviews and user experiences that are available on the Bitcoin Code website. Ale are flawed, invented by the scammers behind this program.

The images of the alleged users of this program Ethereum Code come from a photo bank. You can see the proof in our picture. These people have never traded in this program, let alone money.

A fraud and loss program

RobotWe tested Bitcoin Code’s trading software to see how it all works. We were not surprised that this is the same software that uses the fraud program Bitcoin Method . So we are by no means dealing with a new, unprecedented solution.

Even worse, this program has a trial mode that generates fake earnings. If you start the demo at Bitcoin Code, you will see beautiful winnings, which would not occur in the right trade.

In our picture you can see that the program generated a profit of $ 1,000 on an investment of $ 500, but the bitcoin price was insignificant. With a price movement of this kind, such a profit is impossible, which proves that this program generates only fictitious demo profits.

The truth

So what is the true purpose of Bitcoin Code? Well, using fictional demo winnings, you’re trying to convince yourself that it works, so you can deposit your own money into an account with a specific broker (Capital Markets Banc) and let the robot trade that money.

If you do so, the cheats behind the program will be paid a commission by the said broker for having given him a new paying customer. And the robot will burn your money. That’s all.


Bitcoin Code is a scam program that takes your money and loses it to an unregulated broker. Get out of the way!

If you are actually interested in trading cryptocurrencies , you should first try this out on a free demo accountwith a regulated broker.

If at some point you decide to trade with real money, you must be aware that this trade is risky. So be careful.