Bitcoin Code is the real shit

In this review we will prove that the program Bitcoin Code is a hoax that will not make you a cent richer.

The presentation of Bitcoin Code is very short. It is supposed to be a cryptocurrency trading robot that works completely automatically. So he generated so commercial signals and opens and closes shops.

The results presented on the website of this program seem to indicate that it is a very profitable thing. But, is this really the truth?

Bitcoin Code is a sham

In fact, Bitcoin Code is a common scam that wants to mislead you and bring you your money.

Fake reviews

ReviewsLet’s start with the reviews and user experiences that are available on the Bitcoin Code website. Ale are flawed, invented by the scammers behind this program.

The images of the alleged users of this program Ethereum Code come from a photo bank. You can see the proof in our picture. These people have never traded in this program, let alone money.

A fraud and loss program

RobotWe tested Bitcoin Code’s trading software to see how it all works. We were not surprised that this is the same software that uses the fraud program Bitcoin Method . So we are by no means dealing with a new, unprecedented solution.

Even worse, this program has a trial mode that generates fake earnings. If you start the demo at Bitcoin Code, you will see beautiful winnings, which would not occur in the right trade.

In our picture you can see that the program generated a profit of $ 1,000 on an investment of $ 500, but the bitcoin price was insignificant. With a price movement of this kind, such a profit is impossible, which proves that this program generates only fictitious demo profits.

The truth

So what is the true purpose of Bitcoin Code? Well, using fictional demo winnings, you’re trying to convince yourself that it works, so you can deposit your own money into an account with a specific broker (Capital Markets Banc) and let the robot trade that money.

If you do so, the cheats behind the program will be paid a commission by the said broker for having given him a new paying customer. And the robot will burn your money. That’s all.


Bitcoin Code is a scam program that takes your money and loses it to an unregulated broker. Get out of the way!

If you are actually interested in trading cryptocurrencies , you should first try this out on a free demo accountwith a regulated broker.

If at some point you decide to trade with real money, you must be aware that this trade is risky. So be careful.